Popcorn Popper Machines: Things You Should Know When Getting One

Popcorn has always been a popular snack among many Americans. Although the easiest method of cooking this snack is through a microwave, some people get their own popcorn machine. Having your own popcorn machine can be a good investment. You can have unlimited supply of snacks and the opportunity to start your own popcorn selling business. It is important, however, to choose the right popcorn machine. Think of the following concerns when looking for popcorn machines for sale:

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Popcorn machines prices can vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands, depending on the model. Determine the amount you want to spend in buying the machine. Search online, as some websites might offer affordable equipment. Check current prices at your local appliance and home appliance stores. New models might cost more, and it might be better to choose second-hand machines if you are on a tight budget.


Not all popcorn popper machines have the same features. Electric oil poppers, for example, use oil and electricity to heat the kernels. Air poppers, on the other hand, do not need oil. These provide healthier snacks and lesser calories, as there is no oil used. Air poppers also require less maintenance and cleanup compared to electric oil poppers. Commercial popcorn machines are also popular-you can often spot these at movie theaters, carnivals, and circus shows. These can also heat a greater amount of kernels compared to home poppers.


Popcorn machines fall into different categories, based on the amount of kernels it can pop during one cycle. As such, understand the different sizes of poppers to make the selection easier. Poppers often come in three sizes: six, eight, and twelve ounce models.

A six-ounce machine is ideal for making small servings at a time, and it is a great choice for home and office use. This can make six ounces per cycle, amounting to 120 servings every hour. An eight-ounce machine, on the other hand, can be a good option for larger venues such as schools, bars, and recreational areas. This can produce eight ounces per cycle, which amounts to 160 servings every hour. A twelve-ounce machine can be a great choice if you plan to make extra profit or set up your own popcorn stand. This popper can make at most 240 servings every hour.


You cannot just choose a popcorn machine without knowing where you will use it. Poppers have different features for different usage. Electric or air poppers might suffice if you only plan to use it at home. Decide whether you are going to rent out the machine or use it for selling popcorns. In case you want to do both, make sure you choose one that is easy to transport and is durable. Consider who will operate the machine. If teenagers or untrained operators will use it, then choose one that is safe and easy to use.

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