Phoenix and Job Situation

The city of Phoenix is located on The banks of Salt River. The city of Phoenix came into existence on 25th Feb 1881. The people which live in the city of Phoenix are commonly known as Phoenicians. The estimated approximated population of City of Phoenix is 2,515,986. The Phoenix city s 5th largest city of US. If comparison of various cities of US is done with Phoenix city on the basis of area then Phoenix stands at the 10th position.

Economy of City of Phoenix

During early days the main source of economy for phoenix the city was agriculture. During last few years the economy of the city has changed rapidly with the increase in population. As this the capital of Arizona, so many people living here are government employees. And are serving the government of there country. One more reason for the large population is the. Arizona State University, which provides excellent education and various services for carrying out research work.Many industries have been started here which have recent capabilities and modern approach.

As Phoenix throughout the year experiences warm climate, thus it is benefited a lot from the tourists that come here each year. Also for the people who love golf, golfing in Phoenix is one of the best experiences they can ever get. There are many companies in Phoenix which are among the Top Fortune 1000 companies. The Phoenix is home of such companies. The various companies of Phoenix which are included in the Fortune 1000 companies are:-: electronics corporation Avnet, Apollo Group, and mining company Phelps Dodge Corporation. Phoenix is also the home of Honeywell which helps in the construction of buildings for the military grade engines.

Important Companies of Phoenix

There are many companies in Phoenix which are very popular and are the main source of job providers for the people. Some of these companies are:-

Intel, American Express, General Dynamics, Blockbuster, JP Morgan Chase and many more.

Career Opportunities in Phoenix

There are many occupations which can be found among the people. But the most common occupation of people are:- Management and jobs related to them, occupation of sales and office, Various service occupations. Of the total population of people in Phoenix about 785 of the population work for various companies. And about 11% people work as government employee.And rest of the 5% of the people are self employed people.

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