Is Stretching Really That Important?

To have an effective workout routine, we can safely say that stretching plays a major role. It comes at the beginning as part of a warm up and again, usually at the end, to help cool down. We may know stretching is important but just how important is it?

To start with, stretching is usually performed to enhance ones flexibility. Improving ones flexibility via stretching ultimately lessens the chance of causing an injury to yourself. If muscle tissue becomes over-stretched, a muscle strain can happen, which is a tear of the muscle. Having good muscle flexibility can lower the chances of muscle tear or strain happening to you.

Performing stretching technique correctly will prepare your tendons and muscles before and after exercising to prevent them from being too tight.

Remember to keep these important points in mind when stretching next:

1) Use an accurate stretching technique to make the most of your workout.
2) Try to stretch evenly on both sides of your body.
3) Don’t over-stretch to the point of discomfort or pain.
4) Stretching should be included in the warm up and cool down.

Injury recovery can sometimes be aided by the use of stretching by physical therapists and the likes. During rehabilitation, an injury may be improved in the way of motion when stretching is used. If using stretching to recover from an injury, the right type of stretches must be used to get the safest results. The time is takes to recover from an injury may be jeopardized if the wrong type of stretches are used and there is a chance that the injury could get worse aswell. Keep in mind that when stretching to recover from any type of injury, professional advice is necessary.

To improve your flexibility and fitness levels, stretching should be performed carefully and slowly. When stretching is included in workouts, the benefits can be great, including an improved physical ability to perform, greater balance, less recover time from injury, increased flexibility, less stress, fewer muscle strains and a higher sense of relaxation.

All ages can do some form of stretching. Muscles tighten as we grow older. Even if your not into exercising, stretching regularly can be very beneficial to all with this in mind. To wrap up, stretching enhances ones flexibility and therefore can be quite beneficial to all ages.

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To consider why stretching is so important, we have to look at aspects like the injury risk factor and our physical ability goals and we can see that to achieve these types of points, stretching is quite important. To make it clear, stretches are important when exercising to increase your flexibility to a greater extent and also decrease your risk of injury occurring. If you are unsure whether you are doing your stretches safely and correctly, please make sure you see a professional.

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