How To Find Tickets To Hot And Sold Out Concerts

Looking for a great deal to the next Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert? With tickets reaching prices into the thousands, it seems impossible to find something affordable without paying a month’s salary. Here are a few tips to finding your favorite concert tickets.

Presale. Many concert tickets are available on a presale basis before they’re at your local box office. Go to your favorite singers website and sign up for their mailing list. Stay on top of your mail and when they announce that presale tickets are available, buy them immediately. You can also search online for free presale codes. Even if you have a presale code, be sure to buy early since most concerts limit the presale number of tickets sold.

CD specials. If you buy your singer’s CD, they often include a code you can use to either get access to the presale tickets or buy your tickets at a discount.

Buy early. If you buy early enough, you can buy tickets at normal prices, but wait too long and you’re stuck paying exorbitant amounts. If you can afford to buy more tickets than what you need, consider buying a few extra to re-sell and recoup your own ticket expense.

Searching for deals. If you’ve missed the presale event, try websites such as stubhub, craigslist, or eBay for deals. On eBay you can sometimes make an offer to the seller. Be sure to check a sellers feedback. If they have too many negative remarks, try another seller. Stubhub offers a 100% guarantee on your purchase in case a problem with the seller occurs.

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